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Typhoon Fire-Fighting System

by john krekoukis

The philosophy of the fire extinguishing means ever since they have been devised to date remains the same, and is based on the use of large water volumes and pressure for a wide range to be reached, but these means prove to be ineffective because they do not bring the desired fire extinguishing results, despite the large water quantities consumed and present the following disadvantages:

For the reasons above, firefighting is currently considered being inefficient and dangerous worldwide.

About the Inventor


In November 2014, John Krekoukis makes the first official presentation of his system, which he calls “TYFONAS-TYPHOON” at the Forest Research Institute, with the presence of the Hellenic Fire Service officers, and speakers Dr Gabriel Xanthopoulos and Dr Dimitris Papantonis, Deputy Dean of the National Metsovion Polytechnic of the Fluids Department, and they all pointed out and praised the very positive results of the system in the fire extinguishing task.

Following this, he makes a lot of efforts to come to a cooperation with both the Hellenic Fire Service and some firm, in order that this system to be fixed on an arm bearing vehicle, but all his efforts remain fruitless.

Then, he makes the big decision to build his system himself and he starts to carry out the whole project with the assistance of his associates and donors, i.e the construction of the “TYFONAS-TYPHOON” firefighting system…

In the summer of 2017, the “TYFONAS-TYPHOON” firefighting system takes an active part in the big fires that broke out in Zakynthos with absolute success.