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Aircraft Fires

Aircraft Fires


Given that the largest category of the “TYFONAS-TYPHOON” firefighting system, having the code 500 X 500, is being capable of spraying of a water quantity over 4.000 lt, makes me believe that it could contribute significantly in an aircraft accident, where most certainly there may be survivors and injured, and bring very positive results, without the use of chemicals having harmful action properties on the human body.

Following having watched many videos related to aircraft engine fires in flight, I noticed the following phenomenon:

While the aircraft was flying due to its speed, the fire was limited only to the engine interior, because the air velocity did not allow the fire to spread, while on the contrary, as soon as the aircraft landed and the engines stopped, the fire was spread to the aircraft fuselage.

Thus, I was led to the conclusion that by approaching the aircraft turbine with the strong airflow produced by the “TYFONAS-TYPHOON” firefighting system, combined with the spray jet, the fire would go out.

Of course this is something that remains to be proved in practice in a large certified testing center, that the “TYFONAS-TYPHOON” firefighting system aims to enter, whereby the real results will be obtained and this is my priority.

NOTE: I would request the dear readers of these texts to contact us, should they be able to recommend some certified test lab for extinguishing different kinds of fires.