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Urban Fires

Urban Fires


A kind of fires to which the “TYFONAS-TYPHOON” firefighting system can offer significant results is the urban fires, as has been proved in practice the “TYFONAS-TYPHOON” throw, works much better in enclosed areas than outdoors and that is because it generates small droplets having the potential to flood the space and penetrate into the cavities at the same time, due to the aerodynamics created between the hot spot and the cold front created by the small droplets.

Then, the movement of the small droplets behaves aerodynamically in the space, while at the same time the powerful air stream has the potential to remove the smoke from the space, thus revealing any small fire pockets still burning, creating a protection shield and the firefighters are enabled to enter the area safely to finish off the fire extinguishing task.

This results firstly, in the non-spreading of the fire and the protection of property, and secondly in the prevention of spreading of significant pollutants in the atmosphere due to the short fire extinguishing time.

Hence, the “TYFONAS-TYPHOON” firefighting system also contributes to the environment protection.